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Small, but mighty.

In fast growing companies, things go wrong all the time. We help people to respond, review and learn when they do.


Think about the last time you had an outage. Was it calm, collected and organised? Or chaotic, Slack channels ablaze, questions flying in from all directions in 5 different threads?

We've been there, and we know it doesn’t have to be this way.

We’re building a single way for your entire company to respond, review and learn when things go wrong, big or small. A product that everyone loves using, and which helps them solve any type of incident, at any scale.


We’re working closely with a select group of early customers who believe in our vision and are actively helping us shape the product. These include fast growing startups like Linear and Render, and billion dollar companies like Loom and GoCardless.

Our customers love the product, and help us shape it every day with great feedback.

Don't believe us? That's OK. Check what they've been saying on Twitter instead.


We’re a small, ambitious team, working out of an old fire station in Old Street, London (a coincidence, but one we’re rather pleased with).

We’ve been building products and teams for years, and while we don’t have all the answers, we’ve done this before, learned from our mistakes and are deliberately building the company we’ve always wanted to work at.

To do that, our hiring philosophy is pretty simple: find smart, product-minded, kind people, and trust them.

Ownership and autonomy aren't just a “nice to have” for us, they’re a core part of our culture - we think carefully about the big decisions, but uncontroversial ones are made quickly.

We spend the majority of our time speaking to customers in our community, listening carefully to their feedback, and shipping constantly. Bugs are frequently fixed in under 30 minutes and we aim to build a big new feature every week.

That said, we know that having a great product isn’t enough — sales and distribution is just as important. We’ve closed a number of deals already, and we’re excited to build a great commercial + go-to-market team to help us get to the next level.

Work with us

We think you’d enjoy working with us if:

  • You want to own large problems end to end, with high autonomy
  • You want to work in a product-heavy culture, where speaking to customers and shipping fast is the norm
  • You’re comfortable rolling up your sleeves and pitching in on whatever is most important
  • You don’t mind working to the dulcet tones of Freddie Mercury on a Friday afternoon

We’d be especially excited to chat if you’ve got experience in:

  • Operations
  • Engineering (our stack is React, Go & Postgres)
  • Design (UI/UX)
  • Sales

Open roles

Don't see a role for you?

We care more about finding enthusiastic people who want to join us on the journey, than someone who fits neatly into a box. So, if you’re even a little bit curious, we’d love to hear from you.


Do you offer visa sponsorship?

We aren't currently able to sponsor Visas, sorry. In the future!

Do you offer internships?

We're currently focussed on hiring for full time roles, but we're always looking to speak to smart people excited by what we're building, and several of us got our first career breaks via internships, so we're very supportive of them. If you'd really like to speak to us, we're absolutely open to a conversation.

Building the best way for organisations to respond, review and learn when things go wrong.