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Sales Lead

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After raising a seed round from legendary investors, we’re building out our team to help become one of Europe’s leading SaaS businesses. We know how critically important early hires are, and we’re intentionally assembling a world-class team.

As part of that, we’re looking for our first sales leader. You’ll work directly with the CEO to define and build the sales engine and organisation that will accelerate our already strong traction to our first $1M in ARR, and far beyond.

About us

Things go wrong at companies all of the time. Whether it’s website outages, data breaches, or overwhelmed support teams, incidents are almost inevitable in a world increasingly run by technology. We're building the best way to help your entire organisation respond, review and learn when things go wrong, big or small.

We've started with a powerful command center for running an incident directly within Slack. However, our vision is much bigger — we'll be the single place you turn to when something goes wrong in your company, no matter where it happens. We're building a huge new category from scratch.

We're an experienced team of engineers, product people and company builders that have started successful companies, scaled hyper-growth startups, and have built world leading teams.

Though we've only been around since March 2021, we’re backed by world-class investors at Index Ventures and Point Nine, and have more than 60 customers from all around the world. Our customers include high growth startups like Render and WorkOS to billion-dollar unicorns such as GoCardless, dbt Labs and Loom.

About the role

  • You’ll be the founding member of the sales organisation. You’ll initially start by closing high velocity, mid-market deals. We're currently fuelled entirely by inbound demand, but you'll start our outbound efforts by experimenting with messaging and build your own pipeline.
  • You’ll then move quickly to building, managing and leading a sales team of 3-5 within the first year.
  • You’ll be responsible for implementing and constantly improving our sales engine. This is everything from tooling, to collateral, to the processes we use to sell. Nothing is off-limits!

Required experience

  • 3-5 years of SaaS sales experience. You’ll also have spent 2+ years carrying quota and closing, where you’ll have outperformed your peers.
  • Experience managing a team. We're looking for a player/coach archetype, who's happy both closing deals, and building and managing an amazing team.
  • Product-centric thinking. You’ll need to deeply understand what we’re building, and why our customers love it. The product is early, and we’re at the stage where we want people that can sell the vision, as well as the product. You’ll be the voice of the customer within the company, and you’ll need to be able to communicate that clearly.
  • A proven self-starter that thrives in a fast, ambiguous environment. We are looking for consistent over-performers, who have the ambition and grit required to achieve extraordinary results, and the humility to get their hands dirty and do whatever needs to be done to drive the business forward.

Why this is a great role

  • You'll be the first sales hire at a tier 1 VC-backed start-up building a new category, with proven product-market fit that has not yet been capitalised upon.
  • As the company grows, there will be immense opportunity for this role to grow. You’ll gain experience building a world-class team, going upmarket and selling to renowned companies, and helping to define our go-to market strategy.
  • You’ll get experience at the very earliest stages of a startup: invaluable if you want to go and start your own thing. If you do, we’re part of the Future Founder Promise and will help you get started after
  • Sales isn’t an afterthought — it’s front and center to how we’re building the business. We’re building a best in-class sales organisation that combines tried-and-tested approaches with leverage via automation. You’ll be key to defining it.

Building the best way for organisations to respond, review and learn when things go wrong.